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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure I have considered all aspects of ordering a product? What options are available?

See the new Product Selection Guide.

Is it possible to have wireless remote from the timer to a three-light indicator or a display?

Yes, RF wireless is available.

Can a timer count down to zero and continue to count in count up mode?

Yes, see the Timekeeper manual for information about enabling this option.

I am a reseller. Can I purchase at dealer prices?

Yes, contact us about our dealer program. We will be happy to set you up.

Can the sequence of the Red-Yellow-Green lights be changed?

The Flashing Green and the Yellow light sequence can be changed by following instructions that accompany each timer. See Reference Cards

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipping costs are determined by weight, distance and which shipping schedule is chosen — such as Next Day, Second Day, Third Day, or Ground.

May I use my credit card to place an order?

Yes, Alzatex accepts VISA, Master Card, and American Express.

If I am ready to place an order, what is the best way?

Orders may be placed directly by telephone or from the Alzatex web site.

How soon can my order be shipped?

Orders for standard stock items will usually ship same day if received by 1:00 PM US Pacific Time.

Can my order be shipped UPS to arrive next day?

Yes, UPS Next Day service will deliver your order the following day. A firm order must be received by 1:00 PM US Pacific Time in order to meet the UPS Next Day Service.

Can I purchase a timer that counts down in seconds? Minutes? Hours?

Yes, most of the Alzatex timers have three count down modes: Hours, Minutes or Seconds.

What is involved in installing my timer package?

All Alzatex timers and accessories are equipped with RJ-11 jacks (standard phone jacks) or RJ45 jacks and the connecting wire is standard 4 conductor modular phone cable with RJ-11 Plugs, or CAT5 cable (standard network).

What type of hardware is CAT5 and what application?

Here is a representative example.

What is a crossover cable?

A crossover cable is a standard phone cable, but the RJ-11 jack at one end is reversed from the way it is normally connected on a phone cable. Crossover cables are clearly marked with a “crossover” label. Normally a standard phone cord is used to connect the timer to a display, and a crossover cable is used to connect timer to timer, or display to display. All of the connections are low voltage and reverse polarity protected, so no damage is done if an incorrect connection is made.

Can you send me a catalog?

The Alzatex site lists the most recent standard products, services, and prices. Custom products and services are also available.

Where can I find prices?

Most prices are posted on the Alzatex web site. Prices are also available by telephone. For volume orders ask about quantity discounts.

Does Alzatex have branch locations, and if so where?

All sales and marketing are handled from Alzatex Headquarters:

Alzatex, Inc.
6400 SW 213th Ave
Aloha, OR 97007 USA
(503) 642-9693
fx: (503) 649-6539
Sales or Information

What size digits do I need for my application?

Best viewing characteristics vary for each person, and also vary from display color and other environmental effects such as ambient light. A rough rule to follow is one inch of digit height for each twenty feet of the farthest viewing distance. For Alzatex products, that equates to the following available display heights:

Display Height
in Inches
in Feet
in Feet
Est. Maximum/Limit
in Feet
1 20 40 44
2.5 50 100 110
4 80 160 176
5 100 200 220
6 120 240 264
7 140 280 308
10 200 400 440
15 300 600 660
24 480 960 1056
36 720 1440 1584

Does Alzatex have its own printer for a Take-A-Number systems?

Yes. See the Alzatex Ticket Printer manual.

How can I see an example of a particular product feature, such as a remote controller with START/STOP/PAUSE/RESET buttons?

Browse the many product descriptions and manuals shown on the Alzatex site. You may also request an email photograph, and a sales representative should be able to accommodate most requests within a few working days. Use the Information Request Form to contact our sales department.


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