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Public Speaking Timers

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Public Speaking Timers Can Build Confidence

Public Speaking Timers

A public speaking timer can offer a great deal of help to people, whether they are nervous first timers or seasoned professionals. Practicing your speech with the use of Public Speaking Timers to keep track of the length of time it takes to give the speech can add confidence.

Many times each part of the speech can be dissected and timed to make sure proper attention will be given when speaking. It can give the confidence needed to overcome nervousness or the outright fear of speaking in a public setting.

For example, Mark has been made aware of a presentation he must give for the company to acquire a new client. His boss has made it absolutely clear that his presentation needs to be about one hour long and must show the benefits of this company to the new client. The pressure Mark feels is intense, for he knows how nervous he can become when placed in sink-or-swim circumstances like this one. Luckily Mark has access to Public Speaking Timers. Now he can practice within the given time frame and gain confidence that he will meet this requirement.

Public Speaking can be a hard task, one that really needs to be conquered if you want to get noticed, drive your point to your audience, and come across as a confident person. Utilizing public speaking timers can give the edge you need to gain confidence. It can also keep those long winded speakers at bay. When you are under a clock and have a Green, Yellow, and Red light display that gives you an idea just where you are in your speech, it can add a whole new level of management for all speakers involved.

With public speaking timers a traffic light display posted at the back of the room to give you the green light for go, the yellow light for your nearing the end and a red light for your done. This can really assist in managing the speakers timeliness and also increase confidence in delivery.

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